Friday, April 25, 2008

They'll Never Work In This Town Again.

Look, I am not a slave driver. I do not subscribe to the frat boy theory that "because I was hazed as a freshman, these freshman deserve to be abused as well" BUT I think when you enter a profession there are certain gimmees...

- If you do construction, chances are you will lift heavy stuff
- If you are dentist, chances are you will, at one point in your career, deal with teeth
- If you go into the entertainment industry, the hours are long

None of the above should be a surprise.

Now, in the entertainment industry there are "above the line" jobs and "below the line" jobs. Below the line are the craftsmen - the grips, the stagehands, the drivers, lighting etc. These are all heavily unionized meaning overtime, meal breaks, 7th day penalties etc.

The above the line folks are the producers, directors, writers etc. Their schedules are more in the gray area. Why? Because they are in charge, they have the production riding on them, and they are compensated for it.

On my shoots I am working alongside cameramen, sound guys etc. They get over time, they get set meal breaks, they get turnaround penalties etc. I do not. Is it fair? Yes. Why? Because I make three times more than them. They have reached the ceiling of their profession. For me, the sky is limit. I can be a little pee on producer on an industrial commercial or I can be Joel Silver. It's wide open.

Why am I talking about all this? Well, the above TMZ article totally kills me. Two PA's bitching they worked more than 8 hours? Who the fuck do they think they are? They are in the wrong field. They are PA's. Entry level. This is the job description. They can go two ways - work their way up to a below the line job and get their meal penalties etc, or work their way up to an above the line position and try to rule the world. Either way they have to pay their dues.

Hearing them complain is like Private Benjamin asking, "Is green the only color these come in?" What the fuck did they think they were signing up for?

Get out now while you're young because after filing a complaint like that, they will never work in this town again.

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