Thursday, May 01, 2008

Marc Bernardin and I need your help.

Our new comic, "Genius" is being published by Top Cow in June. It is part of their second annual "Pilot Season." They publish single issues of six books and fans vote for which two will go on to become monthy series.

I will post the ways to vote very soon. It will require going to site and clicking a button, Very easy.

Anything you could do to spread the word and get us votes would be greatly appreciated. "Genius" is a project Marc and I are very passionate about and we hope to be given a monthly platform to tell all the awesome stories we have in our heads.

More details to follow...thanks!


GENIUS (June) – From Entertainment Weekly senior editor Marc Bernardin and “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” producer Adam Freeman (writing partners who’ve previously worked on The Highwaymen and Monster Attack Network) comes a story about an exceptionally clever 17-year-old who unites the gangs in her neighborhood to wage war against the Los Angeles Police Department. Fresh newcomer Afua Richardson (Half Dead) provides art.

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