Thursday, April 12, 2007

A World Without Hereos...

Websters Dictionary defines a "Hero" as "A Man that is admired or idealized for his noble qualities."

Wikipedia defines "Superhero" as "someone who is noted for feats of courage and nobility, who usually possesses abilities beyond those of normal human beings. Many superheroes have a colorful and distinctive names and costumes. May possess a flamboyant and distinctive costume, often used to conceal their secret identity."

NBC's "Heros" is a hit because we as a people want to believe that someone out there is special, that any one of could possess th power to save the universe.

I have found that hero. He walks amongst us...

All hail the new member of the "Justice League" ..... SHANJAYA!!!

He continues to survive week after week in the most hostile of circumstances, overcoming towering foes and unbeatable odds. The world needs a hero, and that hero as come to us - in the guise of a frail, middle-easterner with questionable vocal talent, a dangerous sense of style and a linguring sense of smoldering, non-directed, asexuality.

He will lead us. He will protect us. When terorrists attack, when the Martians invade, when Simon Cowell opens up the mouth of hell and we are all prerilously close to tumbling into the abyss - who is Adam Freeman going to look to?

One, small, sexually neutered man-child bearing the name...Sanjaya.

So says I. Amen.

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