Saturday, September 23, 2006

Alternate "Smiths"

Little interesting tidbit one of you may find interesting.

The other night I TiVo'd the debut of Ray Liotta's new show, "Smith." I watched the first 5 minutes this afternoon and then got pulled away. Because I season passed it, it recorded a repeat of the premiere tonight. My wife started to watch this second airing when I realized - the opening was different than what I watched this afternoon,

She thought I was crazy but when it comes to movies, dialogue etc I have a photographic memory. We went back to the original recording and confirmed that, yes, I am the shit.

The original opens with a heist gone bad, then flashes back with a graphic that says "60 minutes earler." Ray Liotta is standing on the steps of a museum. We see all the players get into position. Amy Smart is across the street about to pretend she was accosted. She rips her blouse open to fake a struggle. We see another crew member set an explosion in a van. Another, pretending to be a delivery guy pulls into the museum's loading dock etc. Once all the players are in place Ray says, "Let's go" and the heist begins. Amy Smart screams "help" to cause a distraction etc.

BUT in the second version, which aired tonight. We dissolve from the heist gone bad to Ray on the steps. He says, "Let's go" and the heist begins. No players getting into position, bomb being planted. ripping of the blouse etc.

I haven't watched the rest of the episode so I don't know if there are more differences but what could be the reason? Maybe it didn't perform well so they made tweaks for the re-air to improve the pacing? Maybe the original was a minute or two longer to hold viewers over the bottom or top of the hour and log more ratings?

I don't know but hey, I thought it was interesting.

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