Saturday, September 23, 2006

Thank you Strangers!

This week my father and I BOTH lost our wallets. He was at a department store on Long Island, I was at a mall in Woodland Hills, CA. We BOTH had them returned to us, completely in tact, by total strangers.

Maybe all people don't suck.

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Heather (MACK) said...

I was listening to the radio yesturday, and some guy had the nerve to steal someone's Buffalo Sabres(Buffalo,NY Hockey Team) Flag 3'X 5'... I dont know how people have the balls to do this I would just go to the store to buy one (because im a real Sabres fan myself) but after the conversation went on on the radio a guy called up and wanted to donate a Buffalo Sabres flag to the man who had his i do agree with you, some people dont suck! and some people have the right minds in certain circumstances...
Feel free to check out my blog and give me some of your incite about my topics. :0) Thanks