Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Me, Me, Me

Since both "Wild n' Out" and "The Chelsea Handler Show" wrapped at approximately the same time, I have been out looking for projects. More precisely, my new agents at UTA have been busting their ass having me meet with as many as three to four networks/production companies/misc. a day.

This basically boils down to me spending approx. 5 hours a day telling a room full of people how great I am. I never thought I would say this, but I getting tired of talking about myself.

This informal "conversation" has now been unintentionally molded into a finely tuned monologue. A one man show starring me. Unfortunately, I have now seen this show 57 fucking times. I am getting slightly bored with it.

It is also very interesting to note how each executive or producer handles each meeting. Most are very cool, make you feel relaxed, have researched or googled you before hand and partake in a pleasant conversation. This is where I thrive. Hell, this is where anyone would thrive.

Next up is the "talk at me" people. The people who introduce themselves and then are completely silent. This is where I go into performance/stand-up comedian mode. Sometimes this works, often it does not. This monologue works best with some audience participation.

Next are the "if you are so busy why did you call this meeting" people. The people who ask you a question and while you are answering turn their attention to their e-mail, their blackberry, the model airplane they are building on their desk. I am pretty sure someone once actually left the room, caught a movie, and came back.

And lastly there are the aggressors. These are the people who assume you are an idiot and completely unqualified for the project. You are put on trial the minute you walk in and have to prove to them otherwise. I have had people start sentences with, "Your credits aren't really impressive, you know that right?"

I think I need a career change. Maybe something in mail delivery, or car sales.