Friday, May 23, 2008

Story Time

Been a while since I whipped out one of my old stories, so here you go.

During high school I worked at Nunley's, a famous kiddie amusement park on Long Island. I could write a book on that place alone, but here is a shorter story.

Did you ever say something and halfway out of your mouth you knew it was stupid, or you were throwing someone a softball to dis you? This was one of those times.

The park's handyman was this loner named Gavin. He must have been in his mid-thirties then and lived in a one room apartment above the carousel. Everyone thought he was creepy and he kinda was. Rumor around Nunley's was that he was gay. Don't know if he was actually gay or if in those pre-politically correct times "gay" was just the worst insult a bunch if high school employees could think of.

Regardless, if anyone was seen with Gavin they were, through the powers of osmosis, gay as well. I didn't go out of my way to talk to him but I didn't avoid him either. He always said hello, I said hello back etc.

Gavin was a bit of a savant when it came to mechanics. He was rebuilding the carousel one piece at a time. We also knew he was working on some secret project out in this barn in the middle of the parking lot but none of us had been in there before.

One day I watching him work on the carousel's music instruments. It was based on a vacuum type bladder system and I commented that it looked like the inside of my father's player piano. That was all Gavin needed to hear to open up the conversational flood gates. He must have been a very lonely man and was so excited to have some show an interest in one of his interests.

For the next few weeks he would come up to me and chat about...whatever. Of course when the other kids got a load of this Gavin and I were instantaneously lovers. Blowjob and anal sex jokes galore. They wouldn't leave me alone. I didn't give a shit.

One day I was sweeping the parking lot and I saw Gavin pop his head out of the secret barn. "Wanna see something?" he asked.

"Sure," and I followed him inside the barn. And there was his secret project. Gavin was rebuilding a huge antique church organ by hand. One of these real elaborate things with the pipes that are 20 feet tall. It was really cool looking and I was impressed.

Walking back to the park the jokes started to fly. All the employees had just seen me come out of the barn. For the rest of the night it was blow job this, butt fucking that blah blah blah.

Finally I had enough. "C'mon assholes. You know I wasn't fucking Gavin in there."

"So what were you doing?"

"I was..." and here is the part where the words fly out of your mouth as if in slow motion, but just fast enough that you can't stop them...

"Gavin was showing me his organ."

Life at Nunley's was never the same.

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Bil said...

Good thing you weren't in charge of the golf balls that night! lol