Monday, May 26, 2008

Fetus Galore!

As a freshman in college I took biology. My Professor was a whose name I won't mention here. He was completely over the top and very melodramatic. So naturally I took to trying to freak him out whenever possible.

Once we were dissecting worms and he said I was doing such a terrible job my worm looked like hamburger helper. When he returned to my desk to inspect my work he found me long gone and one of my white lab gloves inflated with the hamburger helper face drawn on it.

One of our labs was to dissect pig fetuses. Yummy. He cut open a big garbage bag marked with the hazmat symbol. We all had to come up to his desk with our trays, reach in, pull out a pig fetus and return to our desks.

We also had in a our class one of those plastic anatomically correct torsos with the life sized organs you can remove. In high school we had a man, but in this class it was a pregnant female. Can you see where this is going?

So when Professor _______ came by my desk to check my work he noticed this very worried look on my face.

"Not going so well?" he said.

"Well," I answered, "mine doesn't look like the others."

That is when he peered over my shoulder to see a human baby fetus sitting on my tray and let out a scream like he just heard "Cats" was closing.

He still must have thought I was charming, because I got an A.

And he still writes...

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