Monday, March 10, 2008

"That is what the reservation is for."

Just got off a 14 hour flight to Australia. A flight I was dreading because...well, cause it's 14 fucking hours. Also because I was flying coach which makes it doubly suck.

I had my assistant double check that I had a window seat. A middle seat sucks for the obvious reasons, but I don't understand how people prefer the aisle. You have to get up every time someone needs to use the bathroom and the cart smashes into your elbow every time it passes. Plus - unless you are traveling with someone you are VERY friendly with, you can't lean anywhere. I always get a window, put my shitty airline pillow up against it and doze.

When I got to the ticket counter I was informed I had a middle seat. "But I have a reservation for a window seat," I explained. "Sorry, sir. You have to call at 1p on the day of to reconfirm."

"You mean even if I call in advance, I am told it is confirmed, I am given a CONFIRMATION NUMBER, I still have to call the day of?"

"Well, the confirmation doesn't hold the seat for you."

That is when I realized I was having the below conversation almost verbatim...

I became "that guy" - the loud, angry customer. Because my brain is 90% pop culture anyway I was literally quoting lines from Seinfeld much to enjoyment of the surrounding passengers.

I got my fucking window seat.

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