Monday, June 04, 2007


We wrapped last night at 10p. Our last "scene" was at a hole in the wall Domino Club called "Doreen's" - basically a one room beach shack with a few bottles of rum, a microwave(the kitchen) and plastic lawn furniture.

We had today put aside as an emergency pick-up day/rain date etc. for any shoots that got washed out, but the weather has been great so it turns out the staff has a day to themselves before flying home tomorrow.

We are going out of a katamaran (sp?) to go snorkling and until then I am going to lay on the beach, sip drinks with umbrellas and read.

I am currently reading "Chuck Klosterman IV: A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas." Chuck is a pop culture junky like myself and this is a collection of his essays and previously published articles. I have read three out of his four books and I suggest you pick them up.The odd thing is, I am sneaking away to read to escape for a while and clear the show out of my head and as far as I can tell, good ol' Chuck mentions KISS or Gene Simmons at least every eight pages. This is another one of those weird dimension spanning/space time continuum situations where I grew up idolizing a band, posters on the wall etc., and now I know him personally. Way too personally. But I am still coming in contact with people who are like me B.M.G. (before meeting Gene). They make me nostalgic for my old KISS days. That in turn weirds me out because that same Demon that fascinated/scared the shit out of me is in the room next door and in a few minutes I will probably sit across from him at breakfast, watch him carve out the insides of a bagel, fill it with grape jelly and creamcheese and complain (nicely) to the waiter that his coffee has to be temperature of the sun. Somehow I can't picture this guy singing "Firehouse."

Twice so far on this trip I have been in the bizarre position where I have read something in Chuck's book, either disagreed or was confused by a piece of trivia and said, "Fuck it," walked next door and asked the source, "It is true that..."

In fact, I just realized I have lived a scene from my all time favorite movie (sorry Star Wars fans) Annie Hall. While on line at the movies waiting for Annie, Alvy (Woody) over hears a pompous psuedo-intellectual grandizing on all subjects from Bergman to Marshall McCluen (sp?). At Alvy's breaking point he breaks the fourth wall and produces Mr. McCluen to tell this idiot, "You know nothing of my work...How you got to teach a course on anything is beyond me."

At which point Alvy looks into the camera and says to us, "If life were only like this."

Sometimes it is.

P.S. If good ol' Chuck is reading this - I am NOT likening you to the bafoon on line in Annie Hall.