Monday, December 04, 2006



- I am rocking and rolling all night and partying everyday with the family on A&E's "Gene Simmons Family Jewels." Season Two debuts in March with a whopping 20 episodes so you can understand why I am a busy boy.

- David Armour and I (Insert Name Here Entertainment) are chugging along with one project about to go pilot and another round of pitch meetings to schedule. We also have some other low key deals in the works which might or might not payoff. I vote for "might." We'll see.

- The one-hour drama spec script that Marc Bernardin and I wrote has attracted some attention. No bites yet, but we have gotten losts of positive response to the writing. A few managers have come - a - callin'.


- The 92 page graphic novel Marc and I are publishing with Larry and Mimi over at AiT/Planet Lar is back on track with a new artist, Nima Sorat. Check out a little bit of M.A.N.: Monster Attack (you have to scroll down a little...)

- The Super-Secret-Undercover-For-Your-Eyes-Only Five Issue Mini-Series Marc and I are writing for DC/Wildstorm Comics is on track. We are in the middle of writing issue #3 and have attached an awesome artist named Lee Garbett.

All for now...

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