Thursday, September 07, 2006

To Blog or Not To Blog?

That is the question. See, I started this blog...well I don't really know why. But I have quickly realized that many more people read it than I thought (thank you). I sent the original link to a few friends and family and left it at that.

But more and more I am in meetings or on a shoot and someone mentions that they read my blog. I have had more than one network executive bring it up and I instantly panic and think, "Oh shit. Did I write something that I shouldn't have?" "Did I mention a project too early?" I then race to a computer to make sure I didn't inadvertantly committ career suicide. Josh Friedman or John Rogers can call bullshit on people, but then again, they are Josh Friedman and John Rogers. Not Adam-What's-His-Face.

But I think this one is pretty safe - considering it has already been posted on AiT's site. "Monster Attack Network" has a new kick ass artist. Nima Sorat. Kick ass. Marc and I wrote this to be big, dumb fun and Nima seems to be delivering (Nima - in this case "dumb" is good!)

So perhaps this book will come out sooner than expected which is great. When the powers that be (I have learned to check with the powers that be) says its cool to talk more in depth about me and Marc's other projects, I will.

AND - A huge thanks to David Anaxagoras for putting Lowest Common Denominator on his super comprehensive list of screenwriting/industry blogs. I don't know how he found it - but I have been reading Man Bytes Hollywood for quite a while so it was a trip to see he knew who I was.


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