Monday, September 18, 2006

Cut to Commercial!

I have been working in television for about 12 years and I have seen my share of "bloopers."

- I was running Total Request Live when Mariah Carey had her..."meltdown" on live T.V....
- I was running Ryan Seacrest when Janice Dickinson dropped to her knees and pretended to blow him...
- I was at Woodstock '99 when a couple of hundred thousand people decided to set everything.

And along the way, countless numbers of muttered curse words, nipple slips, drunken guests, irate celebrities on political tirades etc. When you are live you have one of two places to "go" when the shit hits the fan:

1) Another location. Ex.: "Wow those are big aeriolas Tom. Let's go to Stormy for the weather..."
2) Commercial. Ex.: "I don't think those gun shots were part of the'll be right back..."

Which is why this clip blows my mind. It DOESN'T END. Regardless, I think it is genius. You have to watch till the end - it gets even better the last :20 seconds or so.

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