Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm back...

I wish I could say I was off doing something exciting...but

Truth is, I just haven't felt very clever lately. And it is usually some little thought or germ of an idea that my narcisistic self finds clever that leads to me posting something.

So for today I will just give an update and perhaps the cleverness will return another day.

- Season One of the Chelsea Handler Show is complete. 12 episodes done and in the can. I think all but one has aired. I must say, I have worked on tons of shows in the last 12+ years but I can't remember doing a show that more people commented on. Everyone has come out of the woodwork - people I haven't talked to in years e-mail me, "When is it coming out on DVD?" Well, I'm glad some of you like it because it was a blast to do. Hopefully there will be a season two.

- Season Three of Nick Cannon Presents Wild n' Out just wrapped production. Three of the eight have aired and are doing well. No word on whether there will be a season 4.

- Marc and I delivered our first draft of our first comic to our editor at DC today. Very exciting. Our editor is a great guy - unfortunatley named Scott Peterson - but we look passed that. DC keeps sending us portfolios of artists to pick from. As a comic fan this is surreal because as first timers we naturally assume we will be lucky to interest any artist in our story - but to have DC pitch us such talented, established artists whose work we have followed for years is pretty cool. It's like asking a first time director, "Ok, so who would you like us to cast in your little movie - Johnny Depp or Nicholas Cage?"

- Ironically, this DC mini-series will probably come out before our graphic novel "Monster Attack Network" does. Even though we wrote it over a year ago. THAT is a project we have had a hard time finding an artist for. Indie publishers do not pay alot and a 92 page graphic novel is a lot to ask someone to do for virtually no pay. I know in previous posts Marc and I announced an artist was attached but when deadlines were continually missed we decided to cut ties and find someone else.

- David and I are in the budget stages our next pilot with MTV. Hopefully this will get greenlit. I think this one has a chance of doing pretty well.

- The next episode of My Space Presents "The List" tapes next week. This one features The Roots so I am really excited for that.

Sounds like I am really busy but actually I am not. Officially I am unemployed so if anyone out there hears of me!


Aunt Elise said...

well, it's about time you posted something! it's not nice to keep everyone waiting!

hope things start picking up and you'll be busy with a "real" job soon! Love, Aunt Elise

marc bernardin said...

er, Johnny Depp.

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