Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Demons In My Head...

I am possessed.

I hear voices in my head.

The devil? Demons? Spirits? Worse.

The cast of "High School Musical."

My three year old's ballet camp is performing a version of this made-for-tv Disney movie. I had heard of it before; I noticed the soundtrack on iTunes, but I knew nothing about it. Always one to spoil my kids I went out and bought her the DVD and the soundtrack CD. How does the legend go? "The Devil cannot enter your home uninvited?"

Well I fucking rolled out the red carpet for these little teen dream/dimpled/cute as buttons DEVILS. And now they won't leave.

"High School Musical" is basically "Grease" for a new generation. Guy and Girl meet over vacation, she ends up transferring to his school, they come from different cliques etc. Virtually the same.

That is not the problem. The problem is, my daughter watches/listens to this non-stop. In the last two weeks, no exaggeration, I have seen/heard this thing 25-30 times. And the scary part?

I am beginning to like it.

The songs are so fucking catchy that I swear to God I wake up in the morning humming them. "Get Your head in the game, gotta gotta gotta get your head in the game..." It is like a little person sitting on my shoulder whispering it my ear. I walk around work whistling "This Could Be The Start Of Something New.'

I told my wife, I don't mean this as a joke, or to get laughs - I swear on the life of my family that I cannot get these songs out of head. And the demons have possessed her too. Yesterday she listened to the soundtrack in her car...AND SHE WAS ALONE.

Please someone, save us.

"The Power of Christ repels you."
"The Power of Christ repels you."
"The Power of Christ repels you."
"The Power of Christ repels you."
"The Power of Christ repels you."

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