Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zen and the Art of Nerdiness

I just got back from my 5th San Diego Comic-Con and this year I took away a few key observations. Some might even be classified as revelations:

1. To all my fellow comic pros, whom I respect and love, stop your bitching. I could complain about the crowds, the long lines and how much my feet hurt but I won't. Why? Because I get fucking paid to write comic books - that's why. I feel like if I dare complain, a thousand steel workers, delivery men and sanitation employees will punch me in the nads. And they would be in the right. We write about heroes that save the universe. What would you think if one of them bitched that their "dogs were barking." You are correct. You would call them a pussy. And then you would right.

2. Don't judge the nerds/geeks/fans that dress in costume. I used to. Judge, that is. I would look at "Fat Asian Elvis" or the entire cast of Karate Champ (!) and snicker but not anymore. I now view Comic Con like the Blind Melon video for "No Rain." Like the "Bee Girl," these fans are probably ridiculed and tormented everywhere they go. Like the garden at the end of the video, let these nice folk have one place on Earth where they can hang with people that look and feel like them. You know what I love even more than seeing a costumed fan? Seeing a costumed COUPLE. How many girls would date a pimply faced kid addicted to World of Warcraft and who dressed like Green Lantern? Not many. When I see a costumed couple walking thru the Con hand in hand I get all warm inside. They found each other. Right on.

3. Comic creators are not rock stars. Don't act like one. Tom Cruise is a star. Mick Jagger is a star. Successful comic creators are mini-celebs in a subculture within a microcosm. The San Diego convention center is the ONE place on Earth someone asks you for your autograph. Be cool. Be. Cool.

And now, because I have been "off-blog" for months and I can now announce somethings post Comic Con...

THE AUTHORITY - Marc Bernardin and I are taking over the reigns of WildStorm's flagship book for at least the next year. as longtime fans of this book we are beyond psyched and honored. Look for us starting with Issue #18 on stands in December I believe.

GENIUS - The book voted winner of Top Cow's Pilot Season was announced as the publisher's next ongoing series. Thanks to all that voted and everyone at Top Cow (especially ex-Cow Rob Levin) for the incredible support and for taking a chance on a very uncommercial book. Hopefully we will have some very exciting Hollywood news to announce soon as well. Fingers crossed.

CELL DIVISION - Top Cow also announced this sci-fi/thriller series Marc and I are doing. Exciting Hollywoody things regarding this one too. Patience...

MONSTER ATTACK NETWORK - Director Andy Fickman has promised this will be his next movie. The AiT/Planet Lar and Kickstart folks had us sign some copies for him, the Disney execs and a super star to be named shortly. Very surreal.

THE HIGHWAYMEN - We are told this is in development at Warner Bros. but since we do not own it you probably know as much as we do.

We also had some great meetings in the week leading up to SDCC and while down there. Met some great folks and got a few leads on future projects and even a rewrite assignment.

All in all a very good week!


David Anaxagoras said...

Your revelations are...classy. Really well said. Be grateful, be humble, and be respectful. Is that really so hard? We should all learn to do more of that, at Comic Con and elsewhere.

Adam Freeman said...

Hey, I'm direct and crude. That's my style.

David Anaxagoras said...

Sorry, you've gone and shown you're softer side. There's no turning back now.