Friday, August 22, 2008

I am most probably about to go MIA for a while with way too many projects all kicking in at once. For those who care, here is an update:

- Genius is currently #3 on the Pilot Season voting polls. Please go to everyday (and from multiple locations!) and vote so you can see this very original book become a monthly series.
- Just finished the script to Push #2 - a licensed book Marc and I are writing for DC/WildStorm based on the upcoming movie starring Dakota Fanning, Djimon Hounsou and Chris Evans. Four more scripts to go...
- We have two as of yet unannounced books with Top Cow in production. More on that when we are given the go ahead to spill the beans.
- We just saw the pencils for our reincarnation of the classic pulp character, "The Sphinx." Very cool. We'll let you know when that hits stands.

- As reported, "Monster Attack Network" is in development at Disney with Kickstart Entertainment. I believe they are looking for an A-List director or screenwriter to get it going.
- "The Highwaymen" is is development at Warner Bros. with Depth of Field producing. They think they have a first rate screenwriter on board to begin the first draft.

- Although I will remain to be repped by Hayden Meyer at APA for my unscripted TV work, Marc and I have signed with Eric Reid at ICM for all of our scripted stuff.

- We have just started shooting Season 4 (heavy sigh). The family is in rare form and I think this might be our best season yet.

- I have produced and directed a tour documentary for KISS entitled, "KISSTERIA" that is in post production. More info on when and where you can see when I am given the go ahead.

- My partners of GSFJ, Leslie Greif and Adam Reed and I have sold a one hour special to MTV that is currently in pre-production. More on that soon but I can tell you it's full of car wrecks and explosions.
- Also with Leslie and Adam, we have lots of pilots in development or ready to be pitched.

On the personal front, Ella is currently playing soccer and cheerleading (not at the same time). She and Sadie just finished summer camp and are getting ready to start school next week. Ella will be in first grade and Sadie will start pre-school. My beautiful wife Krissy has suddenly become inundated with job offers. While she hasn't taken anything full time she has done some freelance days working with Pete Weintz on FNMTV, the cast of The Hills on their recent premiere special and she has just been confirmed to work on this year's MTV Video Music Awards. As if she doesn't have enough on her plate.

So please, if I don't call or write that often over the next few months do not take it personally. I am just trying to keep my head above water.


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