Monday, July 14, 2008

Sending Best Wishes...

I think during my whole childhood I knew one other Adam.

Now, through the wonder of the internet, I know of about 5 or 6 "Adam Freemans." Google has these alerts you can set to be e-mailed whenever a specific phrase or name is used online. I get daily little alerts with any mention of "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" and any articles that mention me or Marc, or our comic projects.

So over the course of the last two years or so I feel I have come to know some of the other Adam Freemans out there.

- One is a host of England's version of the home shopping channel.
- One is an artist that specializes in wildlife paintings - this is the lucky bastard that beat me to registering
- One is an author of computer programming text books which makes me look pretty damn smart if you search for me on It considers us the same person so right next to a comic book featuring big, dumb monsters is a textbook on how to program in A++.
- One Adam Freeman actually owns a comic book shop about 45 minutes north of me. Even more coincidental, he spells his name Atom like I did in high school to piss my teachers and parents off. Unlike me, I grew out of it (sorry Atom!)

And today I discovered a new Adam Freeman. One who is a new dad, but is not having the same luck that I am. Adam and Aimee Freeman live in Charlotte, NC and have a newborn named Kayleigh. Apparently Kayleigh was born very premature. I believe she was 1 pound when she was born three weeks ago.

I got sent a link to their blog and thinking perhaps it was an interview with me or something I clicked on it. You know, for all my bitching, my New York Jewish paranoia and self loathing I DO realize I have it very lucky. I have a beautiful wife, two beautiful healthy girls and I get paid to hang out with KISS and write comic books. In the grand scheme of things, who am I to complain?

Anyway, in this odd moment of warmth that may never come again, I want to send my best to Adam, Aimee and little Kayleigh Freeman. Your positive attitude is really inspiring and makes me look even more like a dick.

(see, I did manage to bring back to being all about me in the end...)

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Aimee and I said...


This is so ironic, but today, my wife (Aimee) and I were talking about the other Adam Freemans in this world. We came across this post and realized you wrote about our little Kayleigh a few weeks after she was born. Your post was very appreciative and I am glad she was able to inspire you with your own life and family!

Kayleigh is over 5 lbs now, but still in the NICU. We have had quite a trying journey, but let our blog inspire you as I have continued to update it daily. I think you have the link but here it is incase: ( I am also writing a book that is almost complete. I am just waiting for Kayleigh to come home so I can finish it with a glorious ending. Maybe one day Oprah will help share our story to give hope to many families out there. How crazy would that be???

Anyhow, I just wanted to say hello and thank you for sharing our story with others. My goal all along with the blog, radio and television, has been to reach out and help people who need to find hope in their lives. Also, if I can get more prayers, that can't hurt either.

How long have you been in the television producing business? The reason I ask is because there was an Adam Freeman that worked on the movie "Dirty Dancing" that I would always joke with my friends growing up that I had the same name as this guy. I didn't know if you ever worked on movies as well, but that would really be ironic!

I wish you and your family the best and thank you again for everything!

Best Wishes,

Adam Freeman (Charlotte, NC)