Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mr. Mom

At this very moment, my wife is on a plane to New Jersey. She will be there till Sunday throwing a Baby Shower for her sister. (It is not a surprise so I didn't blow anything).

That means I will be home alone with the kids. Tonight, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Here is what I have planned so for:

- Each child will be strapped into their bed so they can't wake me up early by tapping on my forehead.
- If it isn't pre-cooked or in a box, it isn't for breakfast.
- Bathing is optional.
- First activity? Knife juggling.
- This will be the weekend I introduce the kids to all three Godfather films.
- I am going to order take out from every place that I never can because I get outvoted.
- Thanks to Robitussen, bedtime is now 4pm!

I will keep you updated as to my progress. If you see my wife, mums the word.

1 comment:

rg said...

Just remember to keep the doors locked so you don't lose them while you are watching The Godfather and eating your take out :)