Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comic-Con Recap

Well, we survived.

And that is no small feat at Comic-Con. What with all the Stormtroopers and Super Villains running around. It really is amazing to get into town on a Wednesday and watch the population quadruple by Saturday. Hundreds of thousands of people all with a common interest. All geek jokes aside, it is a pretty cool thing to witness and AWESOME people watching.

Marc and I always like to feel like we are moving forward, getting things done. As a result we end up putting tremendous pressure on ourselves at Comic-Con to walk away with something tangible. This year we accomplished so much in the week leading up to the convention that the pressure was kind of off.

- We met with Andrew and Marc from Depth of Field and talked about the development progress on "The Highwaymen" at Warner Bros.

- Had great pitch meetings at Fox, Fox Atomic, Valhalla and a few other places.

- Met with two agencies that want to represent us.

- Confirmed that our next book will be with Top Cow. More when they say we can announce it.

Our time at the convention was booked solid with "Genius" signings at the Top Cow booth, "Monster Attack Network" signings at the AiT/Planet Lar booth and more meetings with hopefully future publishers like Avatar and Oni.

We sat on a panel Larry from AiT organized called "So, You Want to Make A Graphic Novel." The room was packed with 250+ fans asking advice on anything from inspiration to the writing process to restraining orders. Hours before the panel we got the go ahead from Samantha at Kickstart Entertainment to mention the news we have been sitting on for a while - the House of Mouse (Disney) has optioned "Monster Attack Network" with an eye towards it being a big, summer blockbuster. Cross your fingers.

At the WildStorm panel they announced our other new book, "PUSH" based on the new film starring Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans and Djimon Hounsou.

The rest of the time was spent at networking (ie drinking) parties thrown by DC Comics, IDW/UTA, EW, Heidi at USA Today, WildStorm and more. I drank more this weekend than all of college. And didn't puke once. Cause I'm smart like that.

After buying some gifts for Ella and Sadie it was time to drop Marc at the airport and drive back to LA.

Now we are up to necks writing the "PUSH" scripts which WildStorm needs like...a week ago.

Add on top of all that prepping to shoot season four of "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" and things are just peachy on my end.

How's by you?

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