Saturday, July 05, 2008

But Will It Be Enough?

As Marc and I learned with our first book, "The Highwaymen," strong reviews and good word of mouth doesn't always translate into sales. Despite being written by unknowns, and drawn by a relative unknown (but rising star), it got more attention than many industry insiders thought it would. It made many year end "Best Of" lists and sparked a small online debate about the state of the comic industry. Despite all of that it sold poorly and the sheer economics did not warrant the story continuing beyond the initial 5 issue limited series.

Our original graphic novel, "Monster Attack Network" was also met with strong reviews (with the exception of one very bitter person on Amazon) and strong word of mouth. I believe it has sold fairly well for Larry & Mimi over at AiT/Planet Lar, but it too is not setting any records.

After a bunch of anthology work Marc and I released our latest original work, "Genius" as part of Top Cow's Pilot Season 2008. As I have explained on this blog before, 6 one shots are released. Come August 1st the polls open at and\pilotseason and the two books with the most votes will become the next Top Cow ongoing series. The response to "Genius" has been overwhelmingly positive.

But will it be enough?

I am not one for mass e-mails. I never send junk mail (please forward to ten of your friends blah blah blah) but I am going to make an exception for "Genius." So, in the next month or so when you get a "please vote" e-mail or see an interview or ad on your favorite blog or website asking you to vote for "Genius" please take a moment.

Making a good product isn't enough. You have to shake hands and kiss babies too. Thanks for your support.

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rg said...

I just got my copy in the mail! I'm going to read it over the weekend and give you a shout on my blog! The art is incredible :)