Tuesday, June 03, 2008

You Can't Bury Just One...

Designer of Pringles carton buried in crisp tube
By Jon Swaine
Last Updated: 7:53PM BST 02/06/2008
The designer of the Pringles crisp tube has died – and had his remains buried in one of the containers.

The packaging was his 'proudest accomplishment'
Dr Fredric J. Baur, who was 89, had told his family to ensure his final resting place was the inside of one of his most famous creations.

They honoured his request by having his ashes buried in a Pringles tube – and a more conventional urn for the overflow – at Arlington Memorial Gardens in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dr Baur, who was a retired chemist and food storage technician at Pringles owners Procter and Gamble, patented the design for the saddle-shaped crisp’s vertical container in 1970.

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