Monday, June 02, 2008

Good Luck / Bad Luck

At 37, I have grown up insistent that I have horrible luck. My dad calls it, "The Freeman Luck" which is Dr. Phil parent speak for "I am going to drill it in your head from birth that things don't go your way."

But in a rare moment of "glass half full-ness" I am starting to realize that I actually have Good BIG luck and and Bad SMALL luck.

Let me explain:

On the surface my luck is horrible: just last week...

I got a moving violation.

My entire entertainment center died.

One of the replacement pieces I bought was defective.

My brand new 2 grand computer had to have its memory wiped.

If I go to rent a movie it will not be there.

If I go to buy something at the store it is out of stock.

If by chance it is in stock the one I GET will be defective.

Almost any can of soda I pick will explode in my face.

I actually tried to do some gardening and got a mild case of poison get the picture.

It has been this way my whole life, hence my defeatist Woody Allen-type vibe. But when it comes to the big stuff I guess actually have GOOD LUCK:

I have two beautiful healthy kids.

I have a great wife who loves me...most of the time.

I have a nice house.

I have a good job.

So I guess, in the big picture, I have good luck. Although it would be nice to be in a public bathroom that didn't run out of toilet paper.

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