Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Good Review...

This one from Hannibal at Comic Book Resources:

"Wow. Really? Wow. This is something all new. On one side, you have a police detective named Grey who's a whiz at numbers and statistical analysis. Using the entirety of the LAPD databases, he's come to the realization that a singular charismatic force has risen up to organize many disparate gang elements in South Central Los Angeles in an organized military campaign against law enforcement and the government. On the other side is this "suspect zero" -- a person who's not at all what Grey expects, a person who may (as he says) possess "the greatest military mind of our time." When you get a look at her (yes, her), a lean Latina named Destiny (doesn't that just feel right?) who's just as capable of dealing out violence as she is at commanding men. Artist Afua Richardson (love the fluidity of the style, which doesn't sacrifice detail in any way) shows the inner working of Destiny's brain in a way that's reminiscent of what Marvel's done recently with Amadeus Cho, but with an edge and a determination that's frightening as well as entertaining. Writers Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman, who brought you the amazing "Highwaymen" series, have done it again. Seriously, wow."

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