Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dream House...

As a little kid, I think everyone dreams about what their own "grown up" house will be like. Comedian Dane Cook has a great routine about his dream house having moats and trap doors that dump you in swamps.

My dream house ranged from no stairs - just fireman poles (don't ask me how I planned to get back up), to my own private soccer field to every oversized toy from the FAO Schwartz catalogue - the lifesize Storm Trooper, the same battery operated car Ricky Schroeder had in "Silver Spoons" etc.

I thought I moved beyond those silly dreams until my buddy Tim sent me this...

I know this is possibly the geekiest thing possible and in my younger days would ensure I would never get laid but I am now married with kids and make a pretty good living. Who am I trying to impress?

I am so getting this.

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