Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back From My Walkabout...

I am back but honestly way too jet lagged to get my bearings straight.

I will post pictures soon but off the top of my head some highlights are:

- directing KISS concerts in front of 80,000+ people
- getting an Australian Rules Football lesson from the Carlton Blues
- Hanging out with Blues midfielder Brendon Favola hours before he was arrested and suspended for public urination
- Petting kangaroos
- Circling the Sydney Opera House in a helicopter
- Sitting on the side of the stage while Alice Cooper performed
- Sitting behind Eric Singer's drums during sound check
- Flirting with Zombie Cheerleaders
- Traveling with the band in all of the airport lounges (free food, liquor and messages)
- Tahooy's beer

I am sure there is more, but it is like 4am tomorrow for me and I am seeing stars.


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