Friday, July 06, 2007

She Doesn't Know Any Different...

As a little kid, I remember getting into a fight with my dad. I wanted to watch Happy Days, he wanted to watch something else and since he pays the bills, he won. I clearly remember him saying, "Relax, it will be repeated this summer."

This summer? I have to wait 9 months to see if Fonzie made it over the sharks or not?

My four year old will never know that pain. In fact, I can find no way to explain to her what broadcast TV and radio are.

She only knows a world of TiVo. A world of "season passes" where 25 episodes of Hanna Montana wait patiently for her. A world where she can "rewind" the TV at the snap of a finger to show me a commercial for a toy she wants. Not to mention the 100 odd DVDs she has.

Even in my car I have Sirius radio. If she hears a song on Radio Disney she wants me to "rewind" it so she can hear it again. And I can.

She has absolutely no concept of something being on live TV. Of something being broadcast at that moment and only that moment. God forbid something is not on the TiVo and I tell her, "It's not on right now." The look of bewilderment on her face is unbelievable. What do you mean it's not on now? EVERYTHING is on ANYTIME we want. She can't wrap her mind around it.

Sometimes I just want to tell her it will be repeated this summer so for once I can watch my own TV in my own house.


Bil said...

Hey Atom! Do your folks still live on Clyde Rd? :-)

Adam Freeman said...

And who is this?

Bil said...

Give you a hint... we had similar taste in women back in the mid '80's.