Sunday, July 29, 2007

My New Favorite Human

Just back from San Diego and Comic-Con 2007. So much to tell, but I am working on fumes so I just want to share one quick story before I hit the sack. The rest of the weekend's adventures will come soon.

Besides being in San Diego for our comic work, Marc was partially there for official Entertainment Weekly business. One of his tasks was to host the "Women of Battlestar Galactica" panel. I couldn't see it (they wouldn't let me in - one of the stories to come) but everyone in the universe stopped Marc to tell him how awesome he was. Knowing Marc like I do, I have no doubt they are right.

Last night Marc and I hit the big joint EW / Sci-FI channel party. A large portion of the Battlestar cast was there, including my new favorite human.

Mary McDonnell, aka President Laura Roslin, stopped Marc to tell him what a fine job he did hosting the panel and ending up staying to chat with us for about 15 minutes. She was incredibly sweet, charming, warm and very intelligent. I have been a longtime fan (way back from the ORIGINAL E/R sitcom with Elliott Gould) so it was a real treat to hang with her for a few minutes.

And if it's ok with my dad, she's coming with me.

P.S. Also at the party were: Sarah Silverman, Edward Norton, Robert Downey Jr., Stan Lee and Roger Corman. Cool.

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