Friday, June 22, 2007

More Highwaymen Reviews (bare with me)

Highwaymen is shaping up to be a high-octane, action packed, summer blockbuster of a comic. It's got snappy dialogue and really nice art. I read through this sucker in the store because it didn't fit my budget (I spent over $100 this week!) but I'm glad it was picked and I'm glad I read it. If I hear that it maintains its quality over the entire miniseries, I'll very likely pick up the trade.

Art: 8.0
Writing: 8.0
Overall: 8.0

Great first issue. Fast paced, witty banter, and High octane action. The line about lobbing old people has to be the line of the week. A really fun book.

The writing was very sharp. Don't know anything about the writing team, besides the fact that one of them is an EW staff writer. The book's a hodge-podge of different elements, political, super-spy, buddy-cop, satirical, etc. I laughed that Scottsdale will be known as retirement city in the future. And, apparently, Hilary will win the White House.

I don't think I've seen the artist's work before. Very clean and expressive. Reminiscent of Frank Quitley, especially in the characters' faces.

Is this a mini or an on-going? Regardless, I guess I'll be stretching my budget to add this.

Over-all Score: 8

This surprisingly sold out at my LCS. I am gonna go into the city tomorrow though. Maybe I will find a copy there.

Highwaymen #1

Wow! This was great! It starts out very mysterious and it just pulled me into the story. And I loved how it was in the future, but it wasn't like it was trying to be futuristic. And then just as the story gets going, all hell breaks loose and it's action all the way to the end. What an excellent story! I plan on reading the next issue

And the art was really nice. Not the best art ever, but it really fit the book. And it had a nice clean style which I like. It's very much in the vein of the sort of art I like.

Story- 10
Art- 9

Overall- 9.5

Highwaymen #1

WOW!!! This has been my favorite read, to date. Loved the characters, loved the setup, loved the action, loved the art. I'm on board with this story til the end. I haven't enjoyed a single issue since we read Red Menace.

Plot: 10
Art: 10

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