Sunday, March 18, 2007


Haven't written anything particualry witty in a while because, well, I haven't been feeling particularly witty. In fact, I am just plain burned out.

This weekend is my first weekend off since the end of January and a today is officially my 5th day off in 2007. Don't get me wrong - much better than being unemployed, but the brain can only take so much. The good thing is that all the hard work is paying off. Here is a rundown for those keeping score...

- Gene Simmons Family Jewels: The new season premieres a week from today, Sunday, March 25th at 9p on A&E. We are about 2/3 thru shooting our 20 episodes and everyone is really happy with the results. Really solid shows. Adam Reed and I also just directed the promo spots which will start airing soon. It is a fun a parody of the Sopranos featuring Gene. We hope to hear about a Season Three pick-up soon.

- The Highwaymen: Marc and I are about to hand in the script for Issue #5 of our DC/Wildstorm mini-series. Look for Issue #1 to hit stands in June/July.

- Monster Attack Network: The graphic novel we created for AiT/Planet Lar is nearly finished and should be for sale in June/July as well.

- Grunts: Marc and I are writing a "bonus story" to be included in a Grunts trade paperback. Also due out by July.

- Also on the comic front we have a few proposals in and hope to have another project greenlit in the next coming months. Cross your fingers.

- Bad Medicine: A spec TV pilot Marc and I wrote will be shopped by APA for next pilot season.

- David Armour and I are on the verge of closing several deals this week including: a reality show for a cable network, a talk show for another cable network and a first look deal with a third network.

- David and I have also developed a show in conjunction with Maxim magazine and are currently pitching to all the networks.

So life if good, just insanely busy.

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