Friday, February 16, 2007

When Did Being A Geek Become Chic?

I think I have discovered one of the secrets of life.


Timing is everything. Talent is ok, drive is ok, hard work will get you places but to truly land on top you need timing. Take selling TV shows for example. A good idea means almost nothing - everyone has a good idea. Everyone has the same good idea. It comes down to the TIMING. Who has that good idea at exactlythe right time the networks (and public) want it.

Case in point - just today I learned that not one but TWO TV show ideas I developed a few years back have gone into production. When I was shopping these ideas people thought I was crazy. I knew in my heart there was something there but none of the buyers did. Neither did my superiors, who often didn't even let me go out to the buyers with the ideas.

Are they genius, Emmy award winning ideas? No. But I knew they would sell. But my TIMING sucked. I was ahead of the curve. Of course, now, someone with better timing than me has walked in and sold the exact same ideas. Fuckers.

A matter of fact, I have had horrible timing my whole life? What the fuck is going on with Geeks suddenly being in fashion? ofcourse it is just my luck that the exact same traits and interests that got my ass kicked on a regular basis are now charming. That Asian guy from "Heros?" In high school in the mid 80's he would have been eaten alive.

All these Hollywood chicks like Lindsey Lohan, Avril Lavigne, Drew Barrymore blah blah blah say geeks are sexy. None of them would save slowed down their cars if I was under their tires in the High School parking lot.

No timing. No timing! I got no timing, I got no timing, I go no timing!

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