Saturday, April 29, 2006

I have not posted in a while (posted anything of any significance or length at least) because, quite simply, I have been busy. Not busy, but BUSY...

I'll get back to my witty and irreverent ramblings on Monday. Until then, nothing but the facts:

- Chelsea Handler Show: 2 episodes down, six more to go. This show is so much work but I haven't had this much fun in a long time. It actually reminds me of the early days at MTV where we could just think of an idea, do it, and put it on television. I hope the fun we are having translates to the screen. Hopefully we will find out in a week or so if we will be picked up for a season two. If nothing else I got to hang with Gary Coleman (don't ask). In the meantime - 10:30p, Fridays on E!.

- Wild n' Out: We are in full pre-production mode. New graphics being designed, brand new set being built, new staff members (some really great people I have worked with in the past, so the short hand is there), cast rehearsals begin this Tuesday and we tape two weeks after that. Then it is on to producing the sketches and post production.

- Twin Switch: The pilot David Armour and I did for MTV is completed and was shown at their last development retreat. They all loved it and guaranteed it would get picked up and rushed into production which in Hollywood is the kiss of death. They passed of course. We are currently in development on another show we sold them and they are supposedly making us an offer on a third concept this week.

- Game Show Network: They have made us an offer on a show idea of ours and if our suits and their suits can play nice we will begin production on that show soon.

- My Space: David and I are now the official consultants for all of's musical endeavors. The first project is called, "The List." A band puts on a secret show for fans of theirs on My Space and it is posted online - and then other outlets like T.V. down the line. The first episode is up now featuring the band Taking Back Sunday. Go to and check it out.

- M.A.N. (formerly Monster Isle) the graphic novel Marc Bernardin and I wrote for Planet Lar is currently being illustrated by Robert Atkins. It is moving slower than we hoped but we are really excited about how well it is coming together.

- Other Comic News: Marc and I pitched a Batman story idea to DC Comics and they have expressed real interest. We turned in a second, more elaborate story outline and are waiting for their feedback. Also, a DC Comics subsidiary, Wildstorm, is interested in us writing a four-issue limited series based on an original idea of ours. Keep looking here for updates.

There are tons of other stuff in the works, but too early to talk about. Soon, hopefully. You gotta have 1000 things going to have two hit. You have to play the odds.

On the home front, all four members of our family are healthy at the same time. Since January we have all been laid up with what I can only describe as the plague. Oh, and pink eye.

Now that I have got my head on straight I will be posting more - for those of you who dig those.



Dave said...

Oh we are those "who dig those" (lol)... awesome fuckin blog dude, quiet long term stalker reader .... sounds like all is coming full circle and working well on the other coast. Cheers to the family, enjoy the blogs ...keep them coming!!!

-DJTECH (Bride Side) :}

Adam Freeman said...

Thanks Dave and thanks for the link on your site! I will make sure to return the favor...