Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What's New...

I am have finally climbed out from under my rock so I thought I would give everyone who is asking one big blanket update.

David and I finished our pilot for MTV (finally) and it has been reviewed by the powers that be. Allegedly the response was very strong. A huge thanks to Drew Lavey and Kenn Kashima (producer & editor respectively) who once again went above and beyond the call of duty and produced a show we are really proud of.

The second show idea David and I sold to MTV is going into development this week. Hopefully that will make it to the pilot stage as well.

David and I have been hired as "consultants" on the first television show to be produced by My It is a music performance show called "The List" and the first episode will feature the band "Taking Back Sunday."

We have tons of other stuff in the works. Nothing to confirm right now but hopefully a partnership with a major magazine for a reality/game show and another show featurinf one of the biggest brands in the stand-up comedy world.

On the scripted front, the comic book Marc and I wrote for AiT/Planet Lar will hopefully be published in the fall. The illustrator Robert Atkins is drawing it now. This can't happen soon enough. We never realized how long the lead time is for illustrated work. Also in the comic world - nothing confirmed - but we have a pretty good shot at writing 9 comics over the next year for a MAJOR comics company. Can't say too much, but I'll give you a hint: one of the characters we would write for was a very popular Underoo AND uses a cave as his base of operations.

Marc and I also just finished the first draft of a spec television pilot called "Bad Medicine" that hopefully CAA and/or Circle of Confusion will be selling in the next few months. We are also 1/2 way through the first draft of an original screenplay. Hopefully that will be done in the next 2 months.

As if all that won't keep me busy enough - MTV's Wild n' Out with Nick Cannon has been picked up for a third season and is going into production as we speak and I am also producing a comedy show for E! featuring a comedian named Chelsea Handler who is very funny, very cool and

I don't know, but despite all this I have been managing to get home at a decent hour. I have actually had a few meals with my family - go figure. Ella is doing great and Sadie is on the verge of sleeping for...drumroll....6 hours in a row.

And Krissy got a new life is good.

What's new with you?

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Aunt Elise said...

Geez! I've been waiting with bated breath for an update! Congratulations (to Marc and David too) and good luck with all your projects!

Love, Aunt Elise