Thursday, October 20, 2005

I Told You So...

On September 3rd I wrote a little blurb called "Inventors & Perverts." For those that didn't read it, it states that the SECOND use for every great invention is sex.

Case in point...

Last week Apple released the 405th version of the iPod. In my book the iPod just edges out the Heart Lung Machiine as the greatest invention in the history of man, but that's a discussion for another time.

Anyway, the new version of the iPod plays video and the same day it was released, the iTunes Music Store started selling episodes of TV shows such as "Lost" for $1.99. Great, cool. Miss ANOTHER episode of "Lost" where nothing really happens, and you can download it the next day and watch nothing happen while on the bus.

But alas...7 days later...SEVEN DAYS....

"Video iPod Gets A Little Bit Sexier

Independently produced content made for Apple's video iPod is beginning to appear online--and as with any new technology, it may be sex that sells first..."

So, there you have it. The Video iPod. First use - repurposing TV content. Second use (7 days later)....PORN!!!

I'm a God damned Nostrodamus.

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