Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Where's the Remote?

The other night I was tucking my daughter, Ella, into bed. She looked at me and said, "Tomorrow you go to work?"
"Yes, daddy has to go to work tomorrow." Then I asked her, "Do you know what daddy does at work?"
"I make tv shows."
"Yeah, the shows you watch on tv? I make some of those. Maybe I'll make you a show one day."
She thought long and hard and said, "Make mommy a show, I already have Dora [the Explorer for non-parents]."

The next day my wife Krissy calls me at around 4pm.
"I have spent half the day looking for the tv remote. It is no where in the house."
"I asked your daughter, " - now Krissy is officially a parent. When a parent refers to their child as "your" child they have officially become their parents, "does she know where the remote is."
"She said, 'I put it in daddy's bag. He need it for work.'"
There it was in my backpack.

Because - how can daddy make a tv show without the remote?

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